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The town was named for George Lloyd (Anglican Bishop of Saskatchewan), a strong opponent of non-British immigration to Canada.During a nearly disastrous immigration journey, which was badly planned and conducted, While provincehood of some sort for the prairie territories was seen as inevitable by 1903, it had been widely expected that only one province would eventually be created instead of two.Located at 5101-46 St., the Legacy Centre is a hub of activity for seniors, service groups and a wide range of organizations.

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Had they known, it is very unlikely they would have sited the new settlement on the future border.

How can you react in a way that makes this person realise how shocked and offended you are by their words?

05 - Jackie and Callum talk about a new device which some people are using to get rid of gangs of teenagers.

6 Minute English ’11 – Stress in the workplace 6 Minute English – Asking the right questions 6 Minute English – The way we look 6 Minute English ’10 – New Year’s resolutions 6 Minute English – Christmas kindness 6 Minute English – Why do we take risks? 6 Minute English – Robin Hood How much is your spouse worth? Food banks The teenage brain The Outernet Is aggression useful? The story behind coffee The sun The three-parent baby A threat to London’s artwork? Brazilian food Deleting memories Brazilian football Ticket touts Brazilian music Coffee addiction Grown up and living at home Dark tourism Modern offices Young, British and sober Air pollution in China Is there more of the world to explore? Glass half full Business English: Misunderstandings Downsizing for Italy’s Casanovas Showrooming and shopping What are managers for?

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The secret of happiness (’13) 100 Women Annoying office habits (’13) What makes us laugh? Summer-born kids The Earth’s core The meaning of clothes The Proms Is knuckle cracking good for you? Human microchips The two sides of Churchill Poverty in a rich world The cost of life-saving vaccines Do you fear Artificial Intelligence? Festive feelings Business English: Socialising On the right track Business English: Punctuality Business English: Using technology at work Business English: Describing sales Business English: Asking personal questions What class are you?

6 Minute Business English ’13 – Arranging meetings 6 Minute English – The commute 6 Minute Business English ’14 – Misunderstandings 6 Minute English – Are we afraid of food? Smokers to face one more ban Bullying or normal competition? Cigarettes v e-cigarettes The bitter taste of sugar How quickly can you learn English?

“Asian-white daters in particular are afforded a heightened status,” according to the study.… continue reading »

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He calls people peasants behind their back and pretends to like girls so much but is known to be gay.… continue reading »

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Human being is an emotional being as our emotions acquire strength from each other; it is the smile of others which reflect on our faces.… continue reading »

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