Are calleigh and eric still dating on csi miami

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And, truth be told, Linn’s Frank Tripp gets all the best lines.

For all of the sometimes stereotypical characters this show presents, I’ve cometo love and appreciate their differences.

Calleigh is great, because she’s a blonde Southern belle who knows and likes guns, takes her job way too seriously, and has to deal with an alcoholic father.

Hunky Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) is a Cuban underwater recovery expert who learns his dad is actually a Soviet, the very man who put a hit on him. If you’re okay with guys who are less hunky and noirish, also prone to wearing pastel ties with jeans and to gambling problems, Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) is your guy.

Eric trusts his gut when something is off about a person; I believe that he feels Jesse bent the rules while Jesse feels that he made the right choice. Russo about what she saw she his hit in the middle of the street by a car. Horatio interviews a now grown Todd Bradstone about the night his mother was killed.

He claims that he saw someone attacking his mother the night she was murdered.

They walked out to the white Hummer limousine with rose petals thrown at them. Besides wearing these made it easier for you to kiss me," Calleigh said."I would have even if you didn't wear them," Eric said as he kissed her again."I know," She said."Then again, if your feet keep hurting I might have to carry you all night," Eric joked."Ha ha, Mr. She wouldn't mind him carrying her…."I'm not joking. Delko," Eric said."I know that," Calleigh said with a smile. ""I know it's early, but what do you think about kids? Everybody clapped when Eric and Calleigh walked into the ballroom. He is my little boy, please don't break his heart," Eric's mom whispered to Calleigh when they talked."I could never do that. He is my life," she answered."Will I get some grandbabies from you two? Delko asked."I think you will, but no guarantee's," Calleigh said with a smile."My Calleigh is special. Once everybody's eyes were on him he began to speak."I have known Eric and Calleigh for the past eleven years.

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Quite possible before either of them knew it themselves…" he said which made the audience giggle and Eric squeeze Calleigh's hand,"… I know it took them a while, but I know it is worth it. At work, they were all professional, out of work, they were all friends."I know." Calleigh said. Even in the dim lighting, she saw that she was very pale. And there was nothing anybody could do but dab water on her head."Were here." An officer said as he ran in. ""That would be me." Eric yelled out."OK, We are going to take her to the hospital. " She asked, seeing that Calleigh was asleep."She was really sick today, and then she collapsed at a restaurant." Eric said. "I am going to give her a CT scan now." She wheeled the bed out of the room, and into a lighter and bigger one. This is going to be cold, but you are asleep, so it is OK." They all looked in shock."What do you mean she is asleep? We cannot do this while there is any chance she will throw up." Alexx said calmly."Well, shouldn't she be here for her first CT scan? She stood up and walked over to them."Hey, long time, no see." She said as she hugged Calleigh. She passed out about fifteen minutes ago while dancing with me." Eric said as they loaded her onto the bed."OK, and has she encounter these problems anytime earlier today? He smiled."I think I know what it is." He said."What" Eric asked."Does she have a boyfriend, or a husband? "Hey Alexx." They all said and gave her a hug."Hey, so, why do we Calliegh in here? "I mean with a girl." they all laughed."OK, Calleigh. Calleigh shook her head."I don't have anything to throw-up." She admitted, She was right though. Even though they were at the fanciest restaurant, she was still happy, and now she wanted to dance. The girl typed her name into the computer."Ahh yes. The three CSI's eye's almost burst out of there sockets."WHAT? She was in a small room, waiting for the scan that would tell her weather or not she was going to have a baby."hey Doc.

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Her face was still very pale, if not more, and she had only thrown up twice at this place."OK, Fine Calleigh. She was the one that fainted in the resturaunt." She looked at them. Calleigh is in a secret relationship with Eric, and she is pregnant now. Something was wrong, and she was sure that they would be finding out by the end of the night. If you would, please ride in the vehicles you came in, that would be much appreciated." The man said and rolled Calleigh outside."OK," Ryan said. As Alexx was working to examine her for herself, she asked about the lab, and later on, about any new relationships."Yeah. And now Calleigh and I are a thing." Eric said as he rubbed the back of his neck."Oh, well that's nice. Ryan and Natalia took a seat on a chair in the back of the room, and Eric took one right up beside the bed."So, this doesn't hurt. ""It's OK, She will find out as soon as she wakes up, and you guys will be the ones to tell her." She said and rubbed the gel on her belly, and after, moving the monitor over her smooth skin.

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