Dns server reverse lookup not updating

08-Mar-2016 22:08

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Reverse DNS (r DNS) is the inverse process of this: the resolution of an IP address to its designated domain name. One level below the arpa root are the delegated servers for IPv4 and ip6for IPv6.

This document explains how reverse DNS works and how to configure it for your zone. Further down the tree, there are delegations for the /8 blocks that IANA allocated to the RIRs, the allocations that the RIRs gave to the address holders, all the way down to the individual IP addresses and names that you have configured for your Internet-enabled hosts.

This means that, as an address holder, you will have to configure two things.

First, you have to configure your zone for reverse DNS.

Exchange 2007 - 2010 servers use hub transport and edge transport servers to send email to external recipients.

Well, in a DNS query, that means that anything regarding tude.lu, must be asked from one of those two servers (dns1.and dns2.jawtheshark.net). Now, that doesn't mean you can't set it, because many hosters allow you to do that in their management interfaces.

However, the reverse dns lookup provides results of some other site/server.