Msmoney updating your accounts locks up

28-Apr-2016 07:48

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(The app uses IE internally to show web pages, not that I use that part of the app at all, but anyway.) The current version of IE on Windows 10? Alter the value by deleting a character off the end (the final “4”) to make it 15 characters. It turns out that this particular bug manifested itself first on Windows 8.

After that, Microsoft Money will start up and run just fine. Since I never ran Money on Windows 8, I was never bitten by it, but there is a “well-known” hack to solve it.

Meanwhile, of course, it's worth noting that Intuit itself is now facing upstart challenges from web-focused startups like Mint and Wesabe, and some believe the company is discovering in its own way how smaller, more nimble startups can succeed against larger entrenched interests. The idea that big companies can always defeat smaller ones has been disproved many times -- but here's yet another example.

Recovering a Microsoft email account is simple, in theory.

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