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08-Mar-2016 12:52

Co-founder and CTO Aber Whitcomb played an integral role in software architecture, utilizing the then superior development speed of Cold Fusion over other dynamic database driven server-side languages of the time.

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Imagine if Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he wanted to be the place consumers discover products–before heading to e Bay or Barnes & Noble to purchase them.

At first, Lisa Stoddard, 24, a nurse, fretted that Jonathan's online overtures were stoked more by sheer loneliness, than true feelings for her, she says.

"But through talking to him, I was reassured he was very sincere and genuine," she recalls.

Or Netflix chief Reed Hastings suggesting his service might be better used to discover new TV shows, while apathetically understanding why Hulu might be a better place to view and pay for them.

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After all, why wouldn’t Jones want My Space to replace i Tunes?

The life-altering experience of going to war often focuses the romantic mind, Gonzaga says.