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According to a Submission in the UPR review of Namibia: "Homosexuality per se is not illegal in Namibia, however anal sex between two males has been considered illegal under common law sodomy provisions inherited as part of the Roman-Dutch law by the time of Namibia’s of independence. This project is a rare and exciting opportunity to volunteer in Namibia and actively participate in the conservation of African wildlife.Volunteer at this internationally renowned wildlife foundation in Namibia and help care for orphaned and injured wildlife.Wildlife conservation volunteers on this project provide essential manpower to care and feed the animals as well as provide habitat enrichment and stimulation for the larger mammals and primates.

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Volunteers get a practical, hands-on introduction to animal care and vital wildlife conservation while surrounded by the beautiful Namibian bush.Once governed by South Africa's apartheid regime and before that, by Germany, this diamond-rich desert nation made history on 21 March 1990 by becoming the last territory in mainland Africa to break free from its colonial rulers.